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The birth of RouteMizer

We're RouteMizer and we have one goal - route optimization. Dedicated to building a robust yet simple optimizing solution for your routing needs, we're passionate about finding the most efficient way to run a route.

Route planning can be a bear. With operating costs ever increasing, the ability to shave time and miles can mean a world of difference. Our customers know this and we couldn't agree more. We're excited to be able to provide a remedy to this headache. With nearly 20 years of experience in route accounting software from our parent company, bMobile Route Software, we decided to dedicate a team just to route optimization.


Here at RouteMizer, we're all humans. When you contact us, you're not talking to a robot. Nothing against robots, they just have a poor sense of humor. We love to hear about what our users are doing out in the world, feel free to share with us when you get the chance.

The future

Things change - technologies, markets, your Facebook status...
We get it. Change happens and we accept that. We're constantly combing our feedback and looking for ways to make route optimization better. We love being able to provide this service and we'll continue to adapt our product to be the best it can.

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