When you have a thin profit margin, every expense must be perfectly optimized to maximize your bottom line. RouteMizer allows you to reduce fuel costs while increasing driver productivity. Comprehensive, yet easy to implement, RouteMizer provides a way to optimize every route every day, driving increased profits and customer satisfaction.


Integrated with QuickBooks

Sync your data seamlessly with QuickBooks. Bring in customers and orders to plan them on your route

Minimize drive time

Reduce windshield time by driving the most efficient route. Less miles, less time, more value

Reduce fleet maintenance

Less time on the road is less wear and tear on vehicles. Vehicle operating costs are factored in for the most optimal route plan

Burn less fuel

Fewer miles and reduced idle time means less money out the tail pipe. Fill up less and keep your fleet on the move.

Delivery time windows

Have stops with specific times they can be seen? Optimize around these time windows for your stops.

Increase profits

Decrease your labor and operating costs of your fleet. Free up time for more stops

Ready to simplify your route planning?